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by Victor Cianni

Chief Investment Officer at Alpian

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The more we Wealth Advisors know about you, the better we can guide your investments. For that reason, it’s our mission to learn exactly what makes you tick – the causes you care about, the lifestyle you want to live, and what you’d like to accomplish with your life. 

By understanding the deeper facets of your life, we can make recommendations that feel like a natural extension of you. 

What does this mean for you as an investor? 

Well, consider a situation like this… 

What if three years from now, the economy has a sudden downturn and you watch your wealth halve in value overnight? Will you be more likely to hold onto your assets (and wait 5-10 years for their values to recover) if they are random or passionate about them? 

The difference between a portfolio you hardly care for and one that feels like an extension of yourself is how it reflects your personal beliefs and desires. So, if you tell your advisor about your passion for organic food, the local area you’d like to see flourish over the next ten years, and the industry you’re hoping to make a name for yourself… you’ll be setting foundations for a portfolio that means far more to you than just a return on your investment.

The difference between a portfolio you hardly care for and one that feels like an extension of yourself is the extent to which it reflects your personal beliefs and desires.

Why don’t most people invest like this?

The reason is fear. Whether it’s Hollywood or second-hand stories, many people hesitate to open up fully with their investment advisor. This can be likened to a doctor’s patient who holds back information about the health issue they’re dealing with – it prohibits the doctor from making an accurate diagnosis and suggesting the correct solution! 

The key takeaway is to make sure you don’t hold back on sharing what you’re passionate about. By sharing this with your advisor, you greatly increase your chances of building a portfolio that you’ll hold onto during turbulent times. Besides diversification, this may be the most important factor in avoiding total catastrophe in the investment world (if you don’t already know why you can check out this article on making emotional investment decisions). 

To close 

We’re so convinced of the power of personalized investment that it’s at the core of Alpian – the digital private bank we’ve built to make banking and investing a breeze for Swiss people. If you’d like to learn even more about the power of investing in a manner that reflects your personality and life, read the Alpian Origins series – four emails that reveal exactly what hard-working Swiss people have been missing out on. 



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About the author

Victor has more than 13 years of experience in wealth management. He has assisted many individuals, families, and institutions in their financial journey throughout his career, either by providing tailored advice on their investments or by managing assets on their behalf. He occupied a number of key positions within the investment divisions of CA Indosuez, Lombard Odier, and Citi Private Bank. He holds an Engineer’s degree in Bioinformatics and Modeling from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées of Lyon, and he is a certified FRM. In his free time, Victor loves scientific readings and collecting rare books.

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