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In response to the Swiss National Bank’s recent decision to lower interest rates—a reflection of positive economic stability and decreasing inflation pressures—Alpian is adjusting its rates accordingly.

The change, effective from April 10th, 2024, is part of our commitment to align with the broader economic landscape while continuing to provide exceptional opportunities for our clients’ financial growth.

Here are the details:

On tranches of deposits between From April 10th 2024
CHF 0 and CHF 100,000 1.0% 
CHF 100,001 and CHF 1,000,000 1.25% 
CHF 1,000,001 and above Customised rates. Reach out for more information.

Despite these changes, Alpian remains committed to offering some of the most competitive rates in the market. Our approach ensures that your interest is credited monthly, providing full flexibility and access to your funds without any restrictions.

Explore the full article to see how Alpian continues to stand out as a leader in providing attractive returns on your deposits, an advantage for savers of all kinds.

Why are interest rates so important?

Interest rates hold a crucial role in the banking sector, representing both the cost of borrowing money and the potential return on cash deposits.

When understood and utilised correctly, they can significantly impact the growth of your savings over time.

Moreover, it’s worth highlighting that interest rates can vary based on the amount you deposit in your account. Typically, accounts with larger balances benefit from more attractive interest rates, promoting greater returns over extended periods.

What sets Alpian’s interest rates apart?

Acknowledging the vital role of competitive interest rates, we’ve tailored our terms to offer maximum benefit. Our rates not only stand out but also reflect the trust you show in us by choosing to protect your capital with Alpian.

Unlike many traditional and neo-banks in Switzerland, Alpian’s approach is very simple. We eliminate completely the typical conditions that often hinder earning interest.

Below is a comparative table highlighting common requirements to earn interest rates and how Alpian has simplified the process for you:

RequisiteAlpian BankOther Swiss banks
Specific account type, like savings accountsNot requiredOften mandatory
Waiting period to receive the interestNot requiredOften mandatory
Minimum balance requirementsNot requiredOften mandatory
Waiting period to withdraw the cashNot requiredOften mandatory
Account activity and minimum transactionsNot requiredOften mandatory
Limit on number of withdrawalsNot requiredOften mandatory
Only new money receives the interestNot requiredOften mandatory
Loyalty or relationship ratesNot requiredOften mandatory
Direct deposit requirementsNot requiredOften mandatory
Data from 21.09.2023. Terms and conditions apply.

Calculating your monthly returns 

To comprehend the significant impact of interest rates, let’s consider several hypothetical scenarios. Comparing deposits with various interest rates over the same period clearly shows the advantages of Alpian’s structure.

It’s important to note that these calculations don’t consider taxes.

Account balanceAnnual interest rateApproximate monthly interest received on a pro-rata basis
CHF 25,0001%CHF 20.85
CHF 130,0001% for the first CHF 100,000 and 1.25% for the next CHF 30,000CHF 114.60
CHF 250,0001% for the first CHF 100,000 and 1.25% for the next CHF 150,000CHF 239.60

Interest rates are a simple means to grow your money by just letting it sit in a bank account. While it may not be an active investment, your funds are certainly being productive.

By closely monitoring the rates offered by various banks, you can capitalise on this passive growth approach. Over the years, these seemingly modest interest rates can compound, resulting in significant long-term financial gains. Always stay informed and choose smartly!

If you’re keen to understand further how these rates can impact your personal wealth, our expert wealth advisors are at your service via the app or by scheduling a consultation here.

Are you interested in learning more about interest rates? We have written an article on the topic: “Interest rates in Switzerland: How do they impact you?

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