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Alpian SA, Switzerland’s first digital private bank, has officially launched its services. Along with the launch of their much-awaited personalised banking and investing app, they have rolled out a nationwide campaign featuring different sets of identical twins. Or perhaps they are not as identical as we think. We spoke with Alpian’s Chief Marketing Officer, Roman Balzan, to learn more about the campaign and how it portrays Alpian’s vision. 

Hi Roman! Alpian is now live for clients across Switzerland. How do you feel? 

In a word, excited! While it’s been years in the making, the truth is, our journey has just begun. Seeing our app go live is a moment I’ll probably never forget. It’s the culmination of a lot of work, endless conversations, debates, and pushing through every challenge while staying true to our vision and purpose.


Along with the app, we also see Alpian’s new campaign on billboards, posters, and digital channels. And it features twins! Why? 

At Alpian, we believe that everyone’s financial goals are unique and that our investment opportunities should reflect this. But how do we share Alpian’s vision with the rest of the world? How do we demonstrate that when it comes to our wealth, we are all different and that we all deserve a personalised approach to investing? 

This mission inspired the campaign we launched this week: “No Two Alike.” 

The campaign conveys Alpian’s primary message: each person can invest based on their unique personal preferences. This principle is represented by twins, who appear identical on the outside yet have two distinct inner worlds and financial ideals. After all, if identical twins can have different perspectives on wealth, can’t we all? So we set out to identify and interview different sets of identical twins to demonstrate how diverse their personal views are. The contrast is inspiring and startling, and it wonderfully illustrates our thesis in an authentic, human way. 

How are you rolling out the campaign? 

Like I said before, this is the beginning for Alpian. And we truly believe in a personalised approach, even when it comes to the campaign. That’s why we ensured that the campaign worked in all major languages spoken in Switzerland. We also wanted our message to reach those who need to see and hear it. To accomplish this, we have carefully selected digital and physical media spaces to share our campaign message. 

The diverse perspectives of seemingly identical twins formed the core of our campaign. I believe these perspectives have been captured beautifully by our team through beautiful photography and short films

We also created a behind-the-scenes film to document the campaign. It not only celebrates our various collaborators but also contains additional interviews with Alpian leaders, the cast, and the director.  


You mentioned collaborators. Could you tell us more?  

 Of course. A campaign of this size and depth can’t be brought alive without the serious help of some serious partners. We have a longstanding and excellent partnership with Foundry – our creative agency, who supported us on this journey since day 1 of my tenure and were responsible for the narrative. To ensure we have a campaign that lives up to our quality standards, our creative team worked closely with the best in their fields, all Swiss professionals, as they understand the market and its psychology. To bring our concept alive, we were able to work with an award-winning production company, Stories AG, which is perhaps the best media production house in Switzerland. And for direction, we were blessed with two absolute masters of their craft – Director Mark Wilkins and Photographer Yves Bachmann

But that’s not all: our campaign will be amplified by our brand ambassadors. We’ve teamed up with Belinda Bencic, a world-class tennis player, Olympic gold medalist, and 2021 Sportswoman of the Year, and Géraldine Fasnacht, a world-renowned freeride snowboarder, base jumper, and wingsuit pilot. They will demonstrate that following your particular desires is achievable and fruitful, no matter how unusual they appear to others. 

Thank you, Roman! Any closing words? 

 A big thank you to the entire Alpian team for all the patience and hard work. And a promise – this is just the beginning! 

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