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Welcome to the SHEWEALTH Collective

Welcome to the SHEWEALTH Collective

The financial community for cosmopolitan women in Switzerland.

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Olga Miler Visionistas Podcast

Tune in to the SHEWEALTH VISIONISTA podcast

What stories lie behind Switzerland’s most innovative women? Join Olga Miler as she sits down with them in our debut season of the SHEWEALTH VISIONISTA podcast.

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Interviews with inspiring women, actionable financial advice, educational resources, and more.

SHEWEALTH Webinar: Essential tips & tools to start investing

The SHEWEALTH Collective regularly invites you to a free, enlightening webinar open to all who are eager to begin or refine their investment journey. Join financial expert Olga Miler and Chief Investment Officer at Alpian, Victor Cianni, to discover the simplest entry points to start investing, build an effective and personalised investment strategy, understand and avoid common pitfalls and explore essential tools that boost your investing confidence. Stay tuned so you don’t miss the next one!

About the SHEWEALTH Collective

The SHEWEALTH Collective is a pioneering initiative by Alpian in collaboration with SmartPurse, the leading educational platform for financial education for women in Switzerland.

The mission is clear: To create a dynamic community of global-minded women living in Switzerland and empower them with the essential financial tools and a robust network they need to take on the world.

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Passionate about financial empowerment for women? Whether you’re looking to be spotlighted, contribute to our mission, or have unique ideas to support the SHEWEALTH Collective, we’re all ears.

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