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by Jean-Baptiste De Vevey

Senior Marketing Manager at Alpian

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Alpian recently announced that world-renowned freerider and wingsuit pilot, Géraldine Fasnacht has joined them as their Chief Inspiration Officer. We had the opportunity to sit down and speak directly with Géraldine to find out more about this interesting development. 

What inspired you to join Alpian? 

As a Chief Inspiration Officer for Alpian, I feel really excited about having a new adventure with them because it’s a full team of passionate people. And I think we share the same vision.  

What does working as a team mean for you? 

When you have a goal, you’re not always by yourself. You have a whole team around you. And your team needs to be like you – passionate about the main goal you have. Everyone has to trust you. You have to trust your team. Because when you get closer and closer to the goal, you have to be 100% sure that everybody is behind you. This is what I really feel about the Alpian team as well. 

For me, it’s super important to be a part of this i-vest platform. It’s to show people that you don’t need to have a background in finance or investing to be able to use this platform. Everybody can use it.

What should people expect from banks today? 

I think a bank today needs to be closer to the people and speak the same language. It always has been too difficult sometimes to understand what you can really do with your bank. And that’s what I really like with Alpian. I feel that I speak the same language and I don’t need to think too much to tell them about my needs. They directly understand and answer all the questions I have. 

What does Wealth Beyond Money mean to you? 

In my entire life, my wealth was finding my passion. And it’s important to have people around you that help you to succeed, but also to do what you love the most. Having a bank that helps you to achieve the main goals you have in life, but also doing what you love the most – I think this is super important. This is wealth beyond money. Definitely. For me, having a feeling that you get to be able to do what you love the most in life and that it’s not just a dream, but you can get to your dream. 

What excites you about i-vest? 

For me, it’s super important to be a part of this i-vest platform. It’s to show people that you don’t need to have a background in finance or investing to be able to use this platform. Everybody can use it. Even I – someone who has been living in the mountain most of the time and has been living for my dreams all the time – can understand exactly what I’m doing on the i-vest platform. 

What should children learn about wealth and finance? 

I think it’s always really important to think about your goals and think really well about what you’re doing with your money and have a good balance in your life. I’ll try to explain to my son, as much as I can, the value of money and the value of all the different things you could achieve with it. And that’s what my parents taught me and I think they really succeeded. In life, when you want to achieve things, you have to work hard for them. Everything has value. 

How does taking physical risks compare with financial risks? 

I was always more scared to take risks in finance because I know less about how to control my investments with money. Because Alpian did not exist at the time! But now, maybe I will have a different life. I know much more about the risks I’m taking in the mountain because I’m always there. With Alpian, I understand much more. And I’m super keen to learn more and to do more. 

How can the world of investing be more democratised? 

I think with Alpian and the way they show how financial knowledge can be so easy and so accessible – I think everybody can understand and be part of it. And understand also how to invest better and to live better. 

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About the author

Jean-Baptiste holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Lausanne UNIL and a Master of Advanced Studies in Sports Administration and Technology from the EPFL. He is experienced professional in marketing and digital media. He started his career has an entrepreneur founding a communication agency. He later joined Novembre Magazine to develop the commercial activities. In 2014, he worked for Presence Switzerland during FIFA World Cup in Brazil as Communications Coordinator. In 2017 he was recruited by Allnews, a Swiss financial digital platform, supporting the launch of the company after which he led the marketing and commercial efforts before joining Alpian.

Jean-Baptiste has a passion for Brazilian music and loves sport.

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