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by Lilli Kahana

Editor in Chief i-vest

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What values ​​should we live by? What role do finances really play in that? And what happens when our financial life changes overnight? 

We discussed all this and more with Switzerland’s best-known film director: Oliver Rihs was born in Männedorf in 1971 and underwent several artistic, professional and personal journeys before he dedicated himself to filmmaking.

In our interview, he takes us back to the beginnings of his career, shares some of its highlights, but also explains what it means to stick to your own vision of success – even when the material things in life are pressing into the foreground – exploring how we can use our wealth to create a better world for everyone. 


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About the author

Lilli is a Berlin-based creative strategist and writer. She has created campaigns and strategies for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Jägermeister. When she is not reading, she is training her two insane leopard cats. She joined the i-vest team in 2021 as a writer and editor.

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