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Ashish Singh

Former Program Manager and Deputy Head of Product Development at Alpian

About the author

Ashish brings more than a decade of multi-faceted experience at Fortune 500 firms across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As the program manager for Alpian, he thrives on crafting curated strategies and implementing them, in order to help launch and scale one of the most promising fintechs in Switzerland.

He is well versed in galvanizing diverse, multinational teams to make the impossible possible, and cares deeply about people, planet and purpose-driven/sustainable business models.

He is an alumnus of globally renowned universities: IMD Switzerland and IIT Roorkee, and lives by the mantra of ‘paying it forward’ through mentoring individuals and startups.

Outside of work, Ashish is an avid enthusiast of badminton, tennis, astrophotography and science.

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