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About i-vest by Alpian

About us

i-vest by Alpian was created with a single purpose – to help you invest in yourself. Or, as we like to say, make you an i-vestor. How? By making matters of investment, personal finance and wealth management easy to understand, engaging and truly insightful.

With our growing community of investment experts, financial advisors and other i-vestors (yes, you have a new tribe), we create and source content that inspires you, informs you and hands you the tools you need to not just manage your money, but to make it a powerful tool to reach your personal vision of wealth.

About Alpian Bank

Alpian was born of the mission of making the premium services of private banks accessible to everyone. By building a fully digital product and leveraging technology, we reduced unnecessary costs and made this a reality.

Alpian is a licensed bank regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), a testament to our commitment to compliance, financial stability, and consumer protection. 

Contact us

At i-vest, we endeavour to bring clarity and purpose to your financial world. And we’re always trying to get better at it. So, if you have any feedback, comments or would like to reach out to start a fresh conversation, feel free to contact us at questions@i-vest.ch.

For enquiries about sponsored content or advertising, contact us at questions@i-vest.ch.

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