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Why invest with us?

Whether taking you through your first steps as an investor or discussing different points of view on investment, our team of experts will be by your side, offering you value through transparency and trust. Our investment offerings stem from our core values which influence every aspect of Alpian’s offering to our clients.

An Investment strategy should be personal

We’ll never put you into a box. Our role is helping you formulate a strategy that’s not only in line with your investment objectives but reflects your personal preferences.

Our choices are guided by our Investment Philosophy

Building meaningful investment strategies starts with a clear vision that can be easily communicated, debated, and translated into action. We follow a set of overarching convictions and commitments, constituting our investment philosophy. Find out more about them here.

Transparency and knowledge sharing are our two most important values

Our commitment is to combine technology and human expertise to help you navigate the investment landscape. You can count on us to share details like how your portfolio is built, how different financial products work, and how fees are calculated.

And last but not least, the human touch

You’ll find a human touch throughout the entire Alpian experience, from the app’s functionality to the financial professionals who’ll assist you.

How to invest?

Because everyone has their own personal vision of wealth, we’ve built two different investment paths within Alpian to best cater to your preferences: “Managed by Alpian” or “Guided by Alpian”.

Both options operate on the same basis – your personal investment strategy, with differences in execution. This article explains the difference between the two: Managed by Alpian and Guided by Alpian. ​​

Managed by Alpian

This option is ideal if you understand the importance of investing but can’t devote time to reviewing and selecting investment opportunities. By entirely delegating the management of your wealth to our financial professionals, you define the parameters you’re looking for, leaving the rest to our team. This is known as a discretionary mandate, where the management of your money is at the discretion of Alpian’s wealth managers.


Only ETFs.


  • An experienced team of professionals manages your capital according to your strategy and preferences.
  • Nothing to do except the first transfer.
  • Frees up valuable time to focus on other aspects of life.
  • Fully transparent and fairly priced.


  • Requires accepting that all investment decisions will be made by Alpian.
  • Recommended time horizon is greater than 3 years.


  1. Complete risk profile and sign the mandate.
  2. Add funds to the mandate and validate the transfer.
  3. We invest on your behalf.
  4. We ensure your strategy is respected and apply our tactical views of the markets into your portfolio.
  5. Monitor your portfolio, its performance, and read our market views in collaboration with Reyl.

Guided by Alpian

If you’d like to take part in the management of your portfolio while receiving guidance from one of our financial experts, “Guided by Alpian” is for you.


Only ETFs.


  • Access to opportunities you may not have thought about.
  • Advice on formulating a sound investment strategy.
  • Access to the ETFs we have carefully selected.
  • A more flexible way of investing: you are in control and get the final say.
  • You benefit from Alpian’s guidance and advice on what to invest in.


  • Requires time for investment selection and possible rebalancing.
  • Requires knowledge about how financial products work.


  1. Complete risk profile and sign the mandate.
  2. Transfer funds into the mandate.
  3. Add funds to the basket and/or our recommended package for your strategy.
  4. Check our recommended allocation, change it if you want, and invest.
  5. We will warn you if your portfolio becomes misaligned with your strategy and a rebalance is needed.
  6. Monitor your portfolio and its performance.

Total expense ratio (TER) for 2024

The TER is about 0.25% for a mandate, Managed or Guided by Alpian, which take the overal costs to 1% for an equally weighted portfolio of any of the two mandates.

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Alpian is a FINMA-licensed Swiss bank that innovatively combines the exclusivity of private banking with the convenience of digital technology. We offer expert investment solutions, digital banking services, and expert financial advice. Alpian is where modern banking meets personalised wealth management, designed to empower you to manage and grow your wealth effortlessly.

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